Hello, guys, the folks from Jagex did a Q&A using the community on the actual 19th of This summer. We thought this had some fascinating moments and wanted to reveal to you some of the highlights. At time of the Q&A, they said that there have been over 150, 000 people apply to participate the Runescape (click here to see Runescape 2007 Gold Mobile ) Cellular beta!This had been kind of tackled, but they did clarify in this session that everything will probably be playable.

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So anything that you can do in the desktop version that you can do here. It is actually 1 for 1! It is a similar game.This is really pretty cool! However they were asked about how exactly much data Aged School Runescape might use on individuals phones. They said which as OSRS was fashioned with dial up internet in your mind, it will not require a lot of data. This is actually pretty awesome information, especially if you've limited data in your mobile plan.

The Q&A revealed how the intent was to not make special "mobile worlds" which everyone will probably be kept together. They did say though that they'll increase their present world offering then when the new increase of players are available in, it should not really be over packed.There were a few questions asking concerning the download size and also the drain on electric battery and Jagex replied perfectly.

The OSRS download is going to be about 50 MB which includes everything. So far as battery drain goes they want to make it run just like possible, without it as being a huge power sucker in your battery.That is just some of the highlights of the Q&A. Some fantastic person in the community has posted a complete transcript on Reddit which is worth having a glance at. What are a few of the things that captured your attention with this Q&A tell us in the remarks section?